4th Concession, Orono

4th Concession, Orono (11 x 14 in.) oil on canvas, by Carol Berry, copyright 2009

Here is a painting that I painted last year. I was trying to paint a quick study, only to realize that I can’t paint quickly in the studio with photo references, my natural tight style edges in. I think I have been procrastinating because I haven’t painted for the past 3 months. October surgery did interfere and then preparations for Christmas and our family trip to Montreal for the holidays.

I have been creating a new plein air painting kit based on the recommendations by Tom Brown. I must admit that I draw great pleasure reading painter’s blogs and trying to see their painting materials. I’m almost finished constructing my wet panel carrier, foam core and duct tape are my tools of choice. To procrastinate even further, I spent all last weekend assembling a full height canvas storage rack, adapted from a couple of new Ikea shelving kits and augmented with two trips to Home Depot.

I am not in any hurry to get outdoors in this cold Canadian January weather but I am determined to get painting soon, I have my new WN Artisan oils that I want to learn about!

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  1. How long will you successfully be able to procrastinate?Congratulations so far so good.Great painting.

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