Concession 4 in Orono, Ontario (third view)

4th Concession, Orono (11 x 14 in.) oil on canvas, by Carol Berry, copyright 2008

I painted this landscape three summers ago, before we moved our summer trailer to our current campground on Concession 4. Every weekend, from May to October, we had been camping at Emily Provincial Park. On this day we took an exploratory drive down this pretty road following a sign for a private campground. I wanted to see how well this private resort would compare with the provincial park. It turned out that the campground was just as pretty as Emily, with big, private, spacious sites. That drive changed our life, a year later we moved our trailer there.

During that first trek down Concession 4, I stopped the car every kilometer or so to take more photos. I later painted four paintings from the photographs I took that day, including this small oil painting.