Emily Provincial Park

Emily Provincial Park (16 x 24) oil, by Carol Berry, copyright 2006

I have taken a bit of a break from posting because I had surgery a couple of weeks ago. Nothing serious, but certainly disruptive. 

This painting of the view from the beach at Emily Provincial Park is one of my first landscapes. Mixing the blues was very elusive, I finally realized that I had mixed all my tubes of blue paints together to get the blues I wanted. I painted this during a few weekends while camping at Emily. I must admit that I used photo references and didn’t paint on location, instead setting up my easel in the shade on our campsite.

4 thoughts on “Emily Provincial Park

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  2. This photo doesn't do the original justice.I love your painting(now mine, mine mine).

  3. Howdy neighbour! Your paintings are great…strong design and nicely distilled…and btw, I go to auctions regularly at Orono, and there is also an auction I frequent as often as possible right near Emily Provincial Park.

  4. Sad to say I've never been to an auction! Emily is a great park, but we now spend all our summer weekends at Cedar Valley Resort, 10 minutes east of Orono, north of Newcastle. Beautiful area.

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