Tuesday Night portrait session

Tuesday Night portrait session at the Don Valley Art Club (16″X20″) oil, by Carol Berry, copyright 2010
I painted this a couple of Tuesdays ago with my friends at the Don Valley Art Club. I’m learning how to work with my new water soluble WN oils. For long-term health reasons I’m determined to like them. I’ve been trying all of the various water soluble WN mediums with these oils but don’t have any favorites yet. 
To complicate things I’m also experimenting with different treatments of the canvas at the same time. Earlier in the day I had painted the pre-gessoed canvas with a thin layer of yellow ochre liquid acrylic. At the club I roughed in the model with burnt sienna and titanium white. The oil paint had a bit of a hard time sticking to the liquid acrylic although it was really easy to wipe off mistakes. Next week I’m going to tint gesso, which I expect will really grab the paint, but will it let me correct my mistakes? Will I care?