Study, Cherry Beach en Plein Air

Carol Berry, Study, Cherry Beach en Plein Air. Oil, 6 x 8 inches. ©2010.
My eldest and I set-up our easels right by the lake on Easter weekend. The sun was warm but the water had a cold breeze coming off it. It was a very hazy morning and my painting looks quite muted but at the time it was a good match. I want to paint faster, the painting doesn’t feel finished yet we were there for over an hour. Gotta get outside and paint more often, am going painting next weekend in Newcastle. 

One thought on “Study, Cherry Beach en Plein Air

  1. I like the muted colors in this painting. You've got a strong composition and the image is intriguing.

    Yes. Paint more! I've enjoyed have a look around and am looking forward to visiting again.

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