4th Concession, Orono, Ontario (fourth view)

4th Concession, Orono (11 x 14) oil, by Carol Berry, copyright 2008

Here’s another painting done of a farm on Concession 4. This is the extra scenic road that leads to the campground where we spend all our summer weekends. Just like the previous painting posted, I actually painted this from a photo enlargement while camping at a different location. 

Working from digital photos can be helpful, I have the advantage of shooting in 16 bit camera raw which allows more post control of the exposure of the shot. I am also able to both frame the scene with the camera viewfinder as well as with the crop tool in Photoshop. The third advantage is that I can reduce the amount of detail in the photograph with Photoshop filters, which helps to inform me about the basic forms in the scene and allows me to pre-visualize my vision of the final painting. 

To the above process I am looking forward to adding plein air studies done on location. This winter I’ve read a lot of books about landscape painting and next weekend I am going to a painting workshop that I hope will kick me into gear and get me outside painting plein air when the weather warms. 

One thought on “4th Concession, Orono, Ontario (fourth view)

  1. I think I can feel the summer warmth flow out of this painting. Maybe I'll just bask in it's glow a little longer.

    I must admit I'm intrigued and intimidated by the plein air painting. But the weather is warming up, I'm sure you'll be out there soon.

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