Three Teddy Berrys

Three Teddy Berrys (15 x 20) watercolour, by Carol Berry, copyright 2000

I am really digging out my old paintings! This painting was done a few years ago as a portrait of my three daughter’s favorite childhood teddy bears. I chose the traditional serious portrait pose and lighting especially because of the casual subject matter. To further the seriousness, I put a relatively high price on it at one of the Don Valley Art Club’s art shows. It sold right away! Unfortunately, two days later our freshly out-of-warrantee family car had a head gasket emergency, completely wiping out any financial gain. 

I have finally started painting again at the Tuesday night life sessions at the Don Valley Art Club and I will post some of those once I photograph them. I have mentioned my art club before, I really value the people I know there. I am especially happy that two of my daughters have recently joined the club and go to life sessions with me. 

If you live in Toronto, please come to one of the Don Valley Art Club’s fabulous art shows held at Todmorden Mills on Pottery Road. The next one opens April 30, 2010. Details are on the club’s website – I designed and manage the club’s website.

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