Walsh Road No.2

Carol Berry, Walsh Road No.2, oil, 8 x 10 inches. ©2010.

It is another rainy Saturday, so instead of painting I am finally writing this post. So much of my life is geared towards the summer month; sailing, camping and plein air painting. These major activities have to compete for my time with everyday chores, volunteering, friends, family and work. Priorities change as events evolve, but there are constants as well. I love the total peace I feel when out sailing. I love sitting around the campfire with my family. I love succeeding with a difficult visual challenge both in graphic design and in painting. Being able to combine any of these activities is a higher level of success, plein air painting while camping is at that level.

I painted this from the same spot on Walsh Road as the previous post. I framed that painting and gave it to my Dad for Father’s Day. This view is facing more to the south. I tried a slightly bigger canvas, my new challenge is to work faster.

One thought on “Walsh Road No.2

  1. I love the colours, such a nice break from the blue-gray of my cubicle.. It's like a mini-vacation for my eyes!

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