Tuesday night model

Carol Berry, Tuesday night model, oil, 24 x 18 inches. ©2010.

This was painted during a Tuesday night model session at the Don Valley Art Club. For these life paintings I have been sticking to the limited palette of Ivory Black, Cad Red Light, Cad Yellow Light and either Titanium White or Zinc Mixing White.

I never expect a polished painting after these sessions. Painting from life is a time honored ritual. The act is in the doing, and reward is the successful capture of the human form. Many of my fellow Tuesday nighters also feel the importance is in the act and not in the product, they regularly paint right over their fine masterpieces that were painted just the week before. I paint my life paintings on sheets of canvas taped to gator board. When dry, I remove the canvas sheet from the board and store because it does not take much space.

Toronto survived the G20 summit held last weekend. I stayed away from downtown but watched the disturbing vandalism and the face-offs between the police and protesters on TV. Now the local businesses are left repairing the inexplicable damage to their property. This is in huge contrast to joyous Pride celebrations taking place in Toronto this weekend, where a million people party and the police protect everyone, wearing rainbow coloured hawaiian leis.

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