Study, Scottsdale Farm, Ontario

Carol Berry, Study, Scottsdale Farm, Ontario. Oil, 6 x 8 inches. ©2010. Here in Toronto, it finally feels like spring will stay! The leaves are budding, the grass is greening up and we’ve put our winter coats and snow boots into storage.  I’m finally painting regularly, though not every day. I’ve been plein air painting […]

Early Morning Hayfield

Carol Berry, Early Morning Hayfield. Oil, 11 x 14 inches. ©2008. This hayfield is near Emily Provincial Park. Summer weekends used to find me jumping in my car before breakfast to go take landscape reference photos. I forced myself to paint this in one day, encouraging myself to get into the habit of painting, signing, […]

Cherry Beach, Toronto Outer Harbour

Cherry Beach, Toronto Outer Harbour (16″x20″) oil, by Carol Berry, copyright 2008 I previously posted the smaller study I did for this painting last  January. I used a photo reference that I took while sailing, so this is a different vantage point of a very popular Toronto beach and life guard house. Painted a couple […]

4th Concession, Orono, Ontario (fourth view)

4th Concession, Orono (11 x 14) oil, by Carol Berry, copyright 2008 Here’s another painting done of a farm on Concession 4. This is the extra scenic road that leads to the campground where we spend all our summer weekends. Just like the previous painting posted, I actually painted this from a photo enlargement while […]

4th Concession, Orono (another view)

4th Concession, Orono (11 x 14 in.) oil on canvas, by Carol Berry, copyright 2009 I painted this landscape a couple of years ago. We spend our summer weekends in the countryside, north of Newcastle, Ontario. I personally think that we are located on the most scenic road in the region. Over every hill is […]